Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As anyone knows, life is full of those little candid moments you want to remember forever. This is the main reason I LOVE photography. My main item on my Christmas wish list is a camera upgrade especially now that we have an amazing little girl that we want to capture every moment with. I also have snapshots in my brain, like the moment Kyle proposed, or when I saw those two lines on the pregnancy test. For other moments in life we turn to our favorite photographers.
For our wedding we had the mastermind of Mr. Matt McGraw (out of Wilmington North Carolina). What I loved about him was that he captured his light in the camera versus in photoshop. Frequently he'll post "before and after" shots on facebook showing people how you can use the craziest of lighting and make what you want out of them. Here's an example:
This was taken after our wedding at about 4pm in the afternoon, full sunlight on the beach of Bald Head Island, NC. If i had taken this picture it would have been washed out, and the guys wouldn't be silhouetted at all. I saw this photo in the camera...this is how it looked, this is the look of photographic genius!
We love Matt, and hope he will forgive us for ease of scheduling, and yes I'll admit a little bit of cost effectiveness, we've brought another photographer into our list of favorites.
Britten Berry went to high school with Kyle and did my maternity pictures. Both of these photographers make me feel completely comfortable in my own skin, and whatever I may be wearing whether it be my wedding dress in freezing rain and wind for my bridal shoot in Boston with Matt, or draped fabric with a large 32(ish) week pregnant belly bare and exposed. This is central to any good photographer in my opinion.
Common to both of these photographers is the photojournalistic quality. I don't want overly posed pictures on our walls, we want our life on our walls the way we'd live it. Sure, some moments are staged to look natural, especially dealing with infants (that's always fun). Here are a few of my favorites from my maternity shoot:

We recently had Britten come back to take photos of Abby and get some for our Christmas card and I got the slide show preview yesterday...SO excited!! Eventually, our house's walls will be covered in pictures of snapshots of our lives, and I'll get to mix those in with the snapshots I hold so dear in my mind.
If you'd like more information on either photographer, check out their websites (tell them I sent you, and for all my fellow Red Sox fans, forgive Matt's Yankees hat!)

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