Monday, August 6, 2012

Sharks, Sox, and Family Apps

Happy Mommy Monday everyone! I feel like I have been in a whirlwind the past several days, and this week isn't going to provide any relief. Is that a bad thing? NOPE!! I cannot wait to keep pulling things together in my two main makeover rooms (office and playroom)! On a Cape Cod note, did you hear about the Great White Shark attack?! That was one town north of us, and Dablet has something to say about it:

 After our week in Wellfleet, the antiquing, participating in Olioboard's Mom Spot OlioHop, and taking Kyle deep sea fishing for bluefish, we headed into Boston for a couple days. Thanks to Facebook as a tool to stay connected, we were able to meet up with a couple we met on our Honeymoon over two years ago, in St. Lucia, for dinner in Boston. Also, as an early birthday gift for Kyle (he'll be 27 on Thursday!!!!!) my mom got us tickets to see the Red Sox! Here are a few pics from the game:
As always, a great crowd at Fenway!
Did I mention that our seats were two rows behind the Sox dugout?! Thanks again mom!

After that we hit the road! Now, given that it was a night game this meant we started driving back to NC from Boston at 11:40pm. Crazy?! Yup! But did it work out?! YUP! The thing about road trips with kids Dablet's age is you have to prioritize. She is still rear-facing until she turns one so I can't default to DVDs, she doesn't talk yet so we can't ask her what she wants, and it's a little hard to feed her while driving (even with someone in the back seat with her) so we have to stop every couple of hours for a diaper change, food, etc. Thus, driving while she's sleeping overnight is the perfect solution! We made it home before noon yesterday and proceeded to win both of our coed softball games in a double header! After that you better believe I passed out!!
Trying to keep up with work, family, pets, "vacations", and home is challenging to say the least! I've blogged before about some great organizational tools for family communication, but have we talked about the apps?! Do you have favorite apps that help keep you organized and communicating with you family? Share them!!! I need all the help and new ideas I can get!
This is the app I use to have our family organized on our iPhones, why?
  • Shopping lists - categorized by store, type, importance
  • Family calendar - color coded by person
  • Add your pets! - They have appointments too right?!
  • Sends you an email at the beginning of each month with your calendar
  • Anyone who has access can update shopping lists/schedule/appts/ etc.

Here's to a productive and organized week!!

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