Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making Organization Work!

Organization shouldn't be something that makes you scared, overwhelmed, or feel like you are constantly repeating the same cycle and getting nowhere. Let's face it, that SUCKS! Who wants that feeling?! Not me! Just like cleaning your house for 10 minutes every day (and not the 10 minutes before guests arrive when you ALWAYS get more done than all week!), organization should become part of your daily routine. To make this work for you, it requires a bit more than physically putting everything away.
Our house is in shambles with our home makeover going on, but that doesn't mean my life can't be organized! Part of this requires getting the family all on the same page. You have a schedule, your spouse (or significant other) has their own schedule, there are appointments for pets, kids, date nights, parents (yours!), etc. How do you make sure you keep everything together and keep yourself together at the same time?!
Here are a few ideas!

Calendar, to do lists, chores, receipts, and family menu schedule all in an easily accessible place with reusable features!
I'm in love with chalkboard paint! Not only does it come in different colors from our friends at Benjamin Moore, but you can make it any shape you want!!

Something else that happens on a daily basis here is the question, "What's for dinner?" Rather than playing the game of "What do you want?" "I don't know, what do we have?" over and over while you prepare to play kitchen scientist with the random items in your fridge, only to get frustrated and order in, pick up, or drive through...take 15 minutes every weekend and stop, plan, shop, schedule. Not only will you eliminate the kitchen craziness, but you can try out new recipes, and better yet SAVE MONEY!

Simple to use, easy to see, and easy to make custom!
This is a little bit more intricate, and I honestly envy those that pull something like this together! The hanging cards are recipes color coded by food type. If you have a large family, buy in bulk, or need to budget further in advance, this type of monthly planning might be perfect for you!

If you're looking for more ideas to organize your home, life, overwhelming amount of "stuff" check out my Pinterest boards here!

The most organized people pull their inspiration from others who have the skills worthy of idolizing! For fabulous DIY tricks, organizing tips, thrifting finds, and overall good taste take a look at Lynda Quintero-Davids Pinterest boards! Here's one of my favorite office looks from her boards for a last dose of inspiration for the day:
I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and find some inspiration for organization!

Happy Pinning!

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  1. I LOVE IT!! Especially the first board since the pens are right there - no excuse to not COMMUNICATE!!! lol Great organizing ideas Kate - and yes, especially helpful even when in the process of a home makeover and getting organized!

    I posted my Part III of Closet Organizing, and linked back to you for more tips on home organizing. These are great!

    And congrats on your "Organizing - Love Your Work" board kickin' butt at numero uno!! woo-hoo!

    xo Lynda