Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fun News - Part One!

In the midst of yesterday's OlioHop festivities I entered three designs into a community suggested challenge with Olioboard! The first two were "easy" because they came directly from my OlioHop post about organizing playrooms, closets, and offices! Here they are:

See this board and vote for it here

See this board and vote for it here 
While Dablet's closet got the attention in my OlioHop, this mama desperately needs a closet reorganization! So I grabbed some of my favorite photos from Pinterest and imported some fabulous products from The Container Store (because Olioboard makes it VERY easy to add your own items!) and created this:
Love to Live in Your Closet
See this board and vote for it here

Right now it's tied for a 3rd place spot! What's different about the community suggested challenges from the sponsored contests is how the winners are chosen. In the community it's all about which boards the community loves; it's all VOTES! With sponsored contests the top 25 (or so) boards based on votes make it to judging and then a winner is selected. It's a bit like the Screen Actor's Guild Awards versus the Academy awards!

In the spirit of fun announcements, I have a couple more!!
Dabble in Chic has gone live on Etsy!! This is going to be a growing process, but I'm excited to share what I am opening with!
I created this virtual store on Olioboard! What makes it a fabulous advertising tool for any online tool? You can pull your items directly from your website (even Etsy) and upload them into your items. From there you can have pricing information pulled, names, descriptions, and create a moodboard that will allow onlookers to click through to your shop directly from your Olioboard! I've started with some custom and stock note cards, custom invitations, announcement, and some of my favorite photos from my 2007 trip to Kenya, Africa.
When I went to Africa I traveled with the Kenyan Children Foundation and it was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding experiences! I will donate a portion of my sales to the KCF from all of my Africa photo sales!
Added Blog Bonus!!! Until July 31st I will be featuring a special Grand Opening Discount for blog visitors of 25% off! Just use the code BLOGOPEN25 at check out to receive 25% off your entire purchase! This will work on all items (including custom orders!) and anything I add to the shop before the end of the month!

I have another fun announcement, and it's jewelry related!! I don't want to overwhelm you all in one day so I will post about that tomorrow! Enjoy your Tuesday and I'll "see" you soon!

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  1. so happy for you!! the shop looks great! best of luck with it!