Monday, July 30, 2012

OlioHop MomSpot

Happy Monday everyone! Today brings another OlioHop (although it is not the first Monday of the month there's a reason!) and today's theme is MomSpots! I swear somewhere out there is a force connecting me personally to the themes Olioboard puts out for OlioHop, normally we have Mommy Monday here! This week I'm spending my Mommy Monday from Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod. I used to vacation here with my parents every summer and I am thrilled to get Kyle and Dablet (all the way) up here for a change of scenery and a Red Sox game!
Our view of Long Pond from our secluded rental

Last month we talked about organizing for our OlioHop, and the immense inspiration from all of the amazing designers, tools available on Olioboard, and really taking a look at how to best organize even my own spaces (it's always harder to practice what you preach!) I took home 1st and 2nd in the Olioboard Ogranizing Challenge! Thank you for ALL of your support!
It has always been a dream of mine to have my own "Mom Cave" - well at least since I became a mom! How many times have you heard "Man Cave" as if us ladies have the rest of the house on lock down?! Maybe we insert more influence, but let's be honest, when you're a mom the house belongs to the kids! In order to create a "Mom Spot" you have to take a few elements into consideration:

  • Space available
  • Your passions
  • Your resources
  • The mood you are trying to inspire

For me, the last one is the most important, but I put it last because I feel we (as moms) often overlook how we want a space to make us feel and just explode with sheer excitement at the opportunity to have our own corner. Maybe we can convince our kids to send us to timeout in our Mom Spot?! My top three types of mom spots would be Reading Nooks, Spa Areas, and Crafting Rooms. Before I hit the designing boards on Olioboard, I take to Pinterest for some pinspiration! Check out my full Mom Spot Board Here!
I chose this "I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares" as the theme for my Mom Spot blog!
After all, it's about what YOU want to make yourself happy!

Olioboard makes it incredibly user friendly to take your pinspiration and turn in into a "shop-able reality"! Can't find the perfect item you're looking for in the large bank of brands on Olioboard? Don't worry! You can always upload it yourself! I try to upload my pinspiration into my boards so I can have a vision of what my dream result looks like. Here's how my pinspiration took life into Olioboards for reading nooks, spas, and craft rooms:

To see this board and shop the look click here
Find yourself a comfy place to curl up with a book, gossip magazine, and beverage of choice. Been a rough day? No one here will judge you if you get a few drops of red wine on a throw pillow! Choose your favorite colors to set the mood and inspire your hideaway!

To see this board and shop the look click here
Say it with me now, "Ahhhhhhh"! Whenever I see a spa area I immediately want to check out the recipes for homemade flavored water, light a candle, and meditate! In this room it's OK to play in the mud!

To see this board and shop the look click here
Are you the type of person who escapes into creativity, but just can't seem to find the time? Make your craft room easy access with easy organization! Your mental health will thank you for it each time you find 30 minutes to dive inside and be a kid again! 
Need more organization tips? Check out the last OlioHop: Organization!

Do you have another idea for your dream Mom Spot? Head over to Olioboard and get creative! Remember, it's a dream idea so let your budget run wild! Need to make it a reality?! We're happy to help there too and create a budget friendly version of your wildest dreams!

As with all OlioHops, this could not be a success without the teamwork of Olioboard and the other amazing bloggers! Olioboard has given us an extra bonus this week with their presence at World Market Center in Las Vegas, and the Blog Her Conference in NYC! Big thanks go out to Olioboard and these fabulous events for taking the time to take a look at us!
Today we have 12 other talented designers sharing their ideas for fabulous Mom Spots, be sure to check them out and share your ideas with them!


  1. Great post! This is definitely my type of getaway and relaxation room. So happy to be part of the OlioHop with you....such fun!!

  2. Always love your posts and designs! Wonderful organization and storage ideas! Will you come and organize my spot next! :)

  3. I love your post! We most have had a connection as well my immediate thought was "mom cave" when we were told the theme for this post. I agree with you on the fact that the kids ultimately rule the house. I think at least 75% of my house is dedicated to their needs. My husband and I come second but we are ok with that. Great post again and awesome Olioboards!

  4. To decorate a space with even touches of spa elements is divine! Enjoying all of the #momspots

  5. Great post Kate.....I love how your post is like a roadmap to the end result. Very Inspiring!!! Have an awesome day!!!

  6. Another great post Kate!, Love the boards, how much fun are your pops of colour!

    Happy Boarding!!

  7. GREAT boards for MomSpots Kate!!

    xo Lynda

  8. I love the thought " I just want to make things beautiful, even if nobody cares". I care and I'll help!

  9. Great your boards! Nice hopping with you :)

  10. Love your cool blues...very relaxing! And I love the idea of being sent to a timeout....I do wish someone would send me to my room alone for a bit! Great boards and inspirations! Great hopping with you!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  11. I was wondering who would mention craft rooms for the OlioHop!? have a room just to wrap presents, what a dream! It was fun hopping with you again Kate ;)