Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Frolicking

Happy Friday everyone!
In an attempt to balance home, work, school (Kyle), and normal life stress, Kyle and I have vocalized the need to have a social life! Sometimes this is as simple as getting out of the house all three of us and walking around the mall, going to Goodwill, HomeGoods, or grabbing a quick Mexican food lunch. Other times, we'll have friends over, or (dare it be said) even go on a date night! I feel like parents often slack on paying attention to the relationship as a couple and can end up bringing extra stress into a relationship because those needs aren't being met. Slack shouldn't be taken in a negative way, after all life proves to demand a lot from you and it's easy to get caught up!
Our (former) nanny is coming over tonight to hang out with Dablet for a little bit because they miss each other while Kyle and I go take a look at some ideas for his birthday coming up! Secretly I am planning on heading home early because I want to hang out with her too! She's one of my few close friends in the area and it's been over 2 weeks since I've seen her!!
For the next time we go out as a couple, I wanted to share some fun date night ideas with you!

Fabulous fun chain necklace (spotted on Pinterest from my virtual friend Lynda)

Something fun for the summer! Pinned to my "Someday Style" board

If I could rent these for the night, I would find a place to wear them! If I could afford them, I'd be fine wearing them around the house! One of these days I'll have a reason, but I couldn't resist sharing them!

This is called a Wild Cherry Fizz and I want to try one! Here's the Pin!

Every date night involves an appetizer! These spicy shrimp and avocado fit perfectly with the spicy/cool mix for summer, and my recent seafood craving!

I will be taking Dablet to another softball tournament tomorrow, and playing in a double header on Sunday. Somewhere in there I will finish painting my new office, sort more for the yard sale, take a nap, and use the grill without trying to blow myself up! Did I not mention you must practice extreme caution trying to light a propane grill after massive amounts of rain? In-home date nights are slightly less romantic with singed arm hair!
I hope you've all had a fabulous week and have something fun planned for your weekend! 

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