Friday, February 3, 2012

What are you doing?

Today I had a VERY thought provoking meeting about direct marketing with a fellow digital print professional who trumps me in experience on more levels than one. Yet I walked away from the meeting feeling very secure in the business mindset that I had, the values, goals, principles, and direction of our company. We were talking about his new advertising/marketing firm and the dilemma of a direct marketing campaign. How many times have you received something in the mail trying to sell you something? SOOO MANY! Sure, they personalize a salutation, or even a unique feature about you, but there is SO much more that can be done!
Think about this....
You have a business, and you have clients. Are ANY two people exactly the same? Nope. Does every one of your clients need or want something you offer? Sure! Are you trying to close a sale, or open a streamline channel of business? Well, both. Yes, you want to make money, but if you look at every customer as a single deal, that's all they will ever be. Same goes for non-profits; don't just go for one donation, go for perpetual giving! Once you look at your customers as unique creatures, you need to find an effective and cost-effective way to market to them not only in a WAY that is pertinent to them, but also at the right TIME for them.
The idea is mass production with a unit of one....
We have a printing company with no minimums. Seriously. It's more than a quantity system, it's a customer based model. If a company or association comes to us with the desire to send our a direct mail marketing campaign, we might produce 5,000 pieces. However, we are producing 5,000 sets of ONE.
After our meeting finished, I felt like asking him "Is there anything you want to do that you haven't done?" I'm sure there might have been something, but as I opened the door by saying, "anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask", he returned the open door. I am inspired everyday by people who are willing to let me pick their brain of experience, and humbled when they tell me I have the right mindset to get to where they are.
So again I sit here wanting to conquer the world, waiting for my next big break. Why wait? Here's my offer to anyone reading this that has a customer base and needs a better way to reach them. Email me!
I don't care if you have 5 customers, or 5,000....we can help you reach them in units of one, and I will give you my prep time at no cost. I will brainstorm with you and help you reach all of your dreams, and your revenue goals. Sales pitch? sure....but realize that it's almost 8:30 on a Friday night and I'm doing work market research while my 4.5 month old sleeps. Personally, I think that's a nice quality in a collaborative partner!

Looking forward to Kyle's return home and a nice weekend with my family. I might even be lucky enough to get some "grown up girl time" on Sunday with Courtney. Maybe a mani/pedi, a little shopping, and some lunch. After all, even working moms get some personal time!

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