Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's only Wednesday and I feel like I've been running around for months this week...if that makes any sense. Abby officially started rolling from tummy to back, and is SO close from back to tummy but her stinking arm keeps getting in the way. We are decorating our house, finally, New Orleans Purple guest room, Girly Paris guest room (aka Fairy Godmommy room), Africa Living room, St. Lucia half bath, and a few other "undecided" areas. I find myself with the TV on in the background daydreaming of fashion, travel, cooking, decorating, things to blog about, and experiences I want Abby to have.
She'll be 5 months old in 13's CRAZY how time flys. I also find myself thinking about what it's going to be like to be pregnant with a little girl running around. No, I'm not pregnant yet....notice how I said while she's running around, clearly at 4.5 months old she's not quite there YET. It'll happen when it happens for us for #2, but for now I do not want to miss a single moment of her growing up.
Our company is finally hitting the biggest event that I feel like we've been planning for for YEARS (it literally has been). Pretty soon we'll have a website "facelift" complete with a live custom design studio. **Que high pitched girly squeel now**
The dreams I have for non-profits as affiliates, bringing them new ways to reach the public, make money for their causes, expand, I get giddy. Odd, ok, maybe.
In other news....
We had a FABULOUS trip to Daytona last weekend. Abby was a TOTAL champ, so was Courtney stuck in a car with us for 10 hours each way. Abby slept most of it, and Courtney didn't kill us at the end, all in all a success I'd say! Abs (one of Abby's nicknames) got to go to the track for a bit, just long enough to smell the rubber and exhaust, but not long enough for ear/lung damage! I got to watch my dad race for the first time (that I can remember) in my life. He amazes me, at 69 years old he was determined to race in the Rolex 24 hour race. I wish I had his ambition and dedication to the things I love. I guess I have years to get to that point, one that involves knowing exactly what is important to you.
I officially want either a Yukon.Tahoe XL or a Suburban. But more than anything right now I want to take a bath with some of my favorite products from All fresh handmade natural products and the BEST bath bombs in the world. Yes...they're that good.
A nice hot bath is my Chic Moment of the day!

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