Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday: Your Mailbox

It's no secret to anyone that I have a passion for printed goods! The two years I spent as an owner of a custom printing company overseeing our marketing and graphic design fueled that passion even more! When I think about ways to brighten someone's day - it usually involves a handwritten note.
Recently, I was in need of some new, fun, and motivational postcards to send to the fabulous women in my Mary Kay unit and I found the PERFECT solution from an Etsy shop called Charm & Gumption. Holly, the shop's owner, lives in Nashville and has the motto "mixing business with style". Who wouldn't love that?! She may have NO idea who I am - except for order number "xyz" - but she will be seeing much more of me in her order history!
Check out the postcards I ordered!
Colorful, Quick, and Inspirational!

Often times we find ourselves questioning the outcome of our motives. Do I really have balance? Is it worth it? Where in the world is the light at the end of this tunnel? Can I make my dreams come true?! Knowing you have someone in your corner is vital to the process of a "KEEP GOING" attitude! I have been blessed with an abundance of people like that in my corner, and thanks to Charm & Gumption I have a fun chic way to pass on the motivation!
You too can make all of your wildest dreams come true!

Until next time,

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