Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saying "Goodbye"

This is not a normal post here on Dabble in Chic, but blogging has become so much a part of my life that it feels right to use the writing as an outlet for what my family is going through. My Aunt has just passed away, our family matriarch, the glue that holds everything together, creator of tradition, teller of stories, lover of all the world. It is an impossible task to process the kinds of emotions that can take over your body during times like this, but I keep going back to her book. She recently published her first book "I Could Never Say Goodbye: A Daughter's Journey to the end of Life with Mom and Dad" chronicling her experiences during the passing of my grandparents. She talked about the ceremony of passing, not just the ones after it happens, and how you always carry people with you (sometimes literally). It's an amazing story, and because she put it on paper she will continue to touch the lives of so many though her lifetime of experiences.

These are a few of my favorites of us from my wedding week. The second one also includes my dad, this is his older sister and his best friend.

I am unsure what the rest of this week will bring except I know that Dablet and I will once again brave flying solo, this time to Arizona, and this time she's SO much more mobile than our New York trip. What I do know is I will always associate this fabulous leading lady with the reading she did at my wedding. She told me when I showed her my selection that, "If you're starting your marriage off with Oriah, you're starting off on the right foot!" These words mean so much more now:

I'll still be back here on Wednesday with the Focus on Thanksgiving Tablescapes, and maybe even a comical story about how to stuff and roast a turkey! Give your loved ones an extra squeeze tonight, and remember that you can relive a lifetime with your memories!

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  1. Lovely words...and your TG post should include your aunt and dad's debate about the best way to stuffa turkey (cornbread vs. breadcrumbs with sausage) and to roast that turkey (breast down vs. breat up)!