Friday, January 20, 2012

Can a disaster be Chic?

So I have had WAY too many dreams recently about natural disasters and it made me look into emergency kits a little more seriously; at least that way I could be a little more at ease. Ever since I had Abby I have the dramatically increased level of protectiveness that seems to be inherent with parents. When we used to have a tornado warning or hurricane watch I would think about how I would get myself out and be able to bring the animals with us. They're easy compared to leaving with a child (food water and you're good). I've realized that I don't care if I have clean clothing, anything that would be considered nutritious, enough blankets, or even my toothbrush as long as we have everything Abby might need.
So I went to google and found some fun ideas to make the idea of an emergency kit a little less terrifying and a little more fun:
OK, so this is for a wedding day, but everyone assumes that a wedding day should be chic. Why can't evacuation be chic? You're probably wondering why in the world anyone should care about being chic when they're trying to escape a disaster, and might even think that I'm being too "impractical" or "superficial"...let me ask you this....when you're in a tight situation, stressed, or in face of peril...would you appreciate something trivial to make you feel a little better about yourself or the situation? So it may be a candle, or pillow mist, or a nice suitcase for you to have a little something just for you to calm the fear of everything you could have lost.
Of course the essentials...literal essentials, not the candles and pillow mist....are important too, so here are some of those:
If you have pets, check these out. First Aid kits geared for your animals. Make sure to at least remember to bring extra clean drinking water for them. Dogs can get enough nutrients by eating things you bring for yourself if you are out of food for them, or don't have enough of theirs to bring in a tight situation, but water is essential. Cats are a bit harder, but canned food lasts for a LONG time, and we all know they'll eat tuna (if you force them!) :)

 For all of my mommy friends out there, I thought this was fabulous! A trendy silver carrying case, and 17 supermom essentials! Contains:
lip balm, breath freshener, dental floss, emery board, clear elastics, earring backs, mending kit, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, caffeine gum, facial tissues, adhesive bandages, hand sanitizing towelettes, thermometer, mini crayon set, mini playing cards

EARRING BACKS!!! That's fabulous! Already Abby at 4 months old is into grabbing any of my jewelry and if I lost and earring from some of my pairs I would be devastated! 

So that's all for now....Crisis averted and in a Chic manner!

Until Next Time....


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