Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little bit of Louis...

So I just finished a logo design for a client, and they wanted this bronze brown color. When I was finished mt brain kept returning to the classic logo color on Louis Vuitton bags and I allowed myself a 10 minute indulgence while I ate my lunch to browse the Louis Vuitton website. Five years ago my dad did a "terrible" thing and bought me a Louis bag in their classic pattern that was a perfect school/work bag. Two and a half years later, he bestowed my second bag upon me:
The real "wow factor" from this bag came from buying it in Paris at their flagship store shortly after its remodel. I could have spent days in that store drooling over the classic trunks and running my fingers over the clothing, not to mention coveting the shoes that I would have to use every brain cell concentrating to be able to balance in them. I have used this bag almost every day for the last three and a half years and absolutely adore it.
During my online "window shopping" I stumbled across this little gem:

It's a debossed leather, and comes in several colors. We recently had a photo book order at work that requested a leather cover close to this color and I loved it. They also have a deep purple, which might match more of my wardrobe, but beggars can't be choosers. I should note that I think it will be a long time before I add any more Louis pieces or bags to my collection, and I honestly think I would love to buy my next piece for myself; sort of an accomplishment....and I should also mention that even with that, I wouldn't turn away one as a gift. (Just a girl being honest!)
I don't care if it's a thousand dollar bag, a three thousand dollar dress, or something you found at a consignment store that hugs all of the right places. There is something about a piece of clothing or an accessory that has the power to raise your confidence level to where you need it on the rough days, and lets you say "I have my big girl panties on today and I can conquer the world".
I live for days like that!

Until next time....


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